Business Psychology

Business is the most competitive sport of all

It is often said that business is the most competitive sport of all, and Dr. Dr. John F. Murray agrees with that statement 100%. There are so many aspects to running a successful small, medium or large-sized business and it all comes down to good people skills, solid customer service, and a consistent professional approach that provides value at the right cost to the client or consumer. Underlying all this is great leadership at the top, motivation of both management and the sales team, and effective goal setting.

Here is what one business leader said after Dr. Murray spoke to a large group of meeting planners in the northeast about how they can utilize their mental skills much more effectively in business:

John, Thanks so much for your April, 2014 presentation for Meeting Planners International Westfield Chapter. The responses have been very positive. You did a great job and were very easy to work with….thanks again!!

--Heather Hansen O’Neill, VP of Education of Meeting Planners International

Businesses of all sizes and in all industries benefit by making people skills and the cohesion of the organization first order priorities. Culture change and development seminars and executive coaching can really help. A smart, happy, constantly learning, and productive employee projects those qualities for all to see, goes the extra mile to service the customer, and provides the front line intelligence that leads to huge success. When the employees and managment team realize that the owner and top executives are committed to their people, you can be sure that success is right around the corner. The opposite is also true. A huge part of this involves business psychology services and executive coaching. A sports psychology approach to delivering this training and education is also an option if desired, and it can make everything more fun and easier to comprehend and implement.

Flexibility is always important.

The same things that Tom Brady does every year, for example, to act more resilient and confident no matter what the situation is are the aspects of behavior that are emphasized in a medium sized company in Texas, a huge corporation in New York City, or a small family-owned business in Montana. It is not that complicated. The challenge comes in doing it all systematically and professionally, for example, in learning the skills through a series of business psychology workshops, and then practicing the skills on a daily basis perhaps with executive coaching follow-up support. However, some executives do this work on their own and it remains 100% confidential, and some companies elect to have executive coaching services for several of their top employees and might not do workshops.

Dr. John F. Murray provides these workshops and one-on-one executive coaching services. Before coming in and implementing his programs, Dr. Murray always consults with the senior executive or owner to map out a clear and comprehensive strategy that meets the unique indiviudual needs of the people and the teams. A full awareness of the corporate culture is also key. It is always a cooperative endeavor in which the owner, CEO or other top executive maintains control over exactly what and how much is taught, practiced, and reinforced. It’s not unlike the head coach of an NFL team overseeing any mental coaching work or seminars with his players. Teamwork with the business psychology consultant is just as important as the teamwork exercised within the organization.

The Doctor is In!

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