Sports Psychology Workshops

We produce results by combining rare mental insights with inspiration.

Knowledge is very important for both performance and well-being

Knowledge is very important for both performance and well-being, so acquiring great and rare information and knowledge as a group is accomplished through Dr. John F Murray’s sports psychology workshops and lectures. Since “workshops” is a very generic term, these may take many forms with the sports psychologist such as the full-day on- and off-court workshops for recreational to pro tennis players conducted for at least 10 years near Wimbledon on the weekend before The Championships, a three-day seminar conducted in Egypt at a major resort with every word translated from English to Arabic, smaller half-day workshops like one conducted for sales and management executives in a large software firm at a major golf club north of Dallas, or a more informal two-hour dinner talk conducted for the world’s largest international real estate firm’s top exectutives in New York City.

From just the few examples above, it should be clear that anyone in any performance situation in sports or business benefits by having a full day or part of the day devoted to learning about some of the fascinating aspects of sports psychology. The format might include any combination of lecture, powerpoint, small group discussion or question and answer. A book or set of learning materials is often given out to each attendee, and discount rates are provided for follow-up individual evaluations, executive coaching or sports psychology/mental training. These forums are very effective in energizing individuals and teams to become their absolute best.

Since each group is completely unique in size, amount of time needed, challenges faced, location and demographics, the best approach in setting up one of these workshops up is to call Dr. John F Murray directly (561-596-9898) to discuss your individual needs and brainstorm about what would constitute a truly special and educational event for your group.

While workshops are described here as special outside events, the format can also be adapted internally with a group of athletes or a team to provide group mental coaching on a regular basis. Some past examples include a 4 month series of weekly workshops to a national springboard diving group in Fort Lauderdale, a full year of weekly workshops to division I tennis teams at several major universitites, brief workshops for two years in the locker room to a division I basketball team, and a series of personality evaluations and peoples skills workshops conducted for a major corporation.

The unique angle provided by Dr. John F Murray is derived from expertise in both clinical psychology and sports psychology, and over 20 years experience working on hundreds of challenging issues with top junior, college, Olympic and professional athletes. This experience allows for lots of examples and deep perspective to answer almost any performance related question and provide solid advice. What we learn in the lab of sports can easily be adapted to life and business, and many in the business world find this sports focus to be a refreshing change of pace.


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